Enability - Enabling Inclusive Quality of Life in Young People with Multiple Disabilities and Complex and Intense Support Needs: Concepts & Good Practices | Jo Lebeer, Adelinda Candeias, Eniko Batiz, Reka Orban & Marina Rodocanachi | 9789044139402

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Authors: Jo Lebeer, Adelinda Candeias, Eniko Batiz, Reka Orban & Marina Rodocanachi eds. ISBN: 9789044139402 2024 - 411 pages In 2013 we created a European project “Enablin+” to develop an innovative interprofessional in-service training programme, to improve inclusion and quality of life for children with the most complex disabilities, who are in need of intensive and continuous support. The name ENABLIN + has three aspects. “Enabling” is the opposite of disability; it means to enable the person to function; the IN stands for “inclusion”; and the “+” stands for “multiple disabilities” or “extraordinary multiple needs”, in learning, communicating, mobility, often also in eating and other aspects of self-care or behavioural challenges.. This book contains the most important results of the project. A first part is about research on needs assessment and quality of life. A second part gives an overview of continuous support systems in the partners’ countries. Then a new interprofessional training programme is outlined. A fourth part describes various projects of “good practice” and results of pilot projects in inclusive education, enhancing activity and participation in various life areas, communication and integrated support. This book is aimed at those who are responsible for training the various professionals working in the field of children and youngsters with complex and intensive support needs – educators, auxiliaries, teachers, therapists, doctors, etc., as well as volunteers and parents. Jo Lebeer is a medical doctor and emeritus professor in Disability Studies at the University of Antwerp (Belgium). Adelinda Candeias is professor of Psychology at the School of Health and Human Development at the University of Évora (Portugal). Eniko Batiz is Head of the Department and Reka Orban is a lecturer in Special Education at the Department of Applied Psychology of the Babes Bolyai University in Cluj-Napoca (Romania). Marina Rodocanachi is a medical doctor specialized in Neurology and Rehabilitation Medicine at the Don Gnocchi Foundation in Milan (Italy).


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