Remacle and Gilbert Fusch - Two brothers from Limbourg both physicians and canons (16th century) | Francis Van Glabbeek Maurits Biesbrouck | Cahiers GGG geschiedenis geneeskunde gezondheidszorg | 9789044139563

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Authors: Francis Van Glabbeek & Maurits Biesbrouck ISBN: 9789044139563 113 pages - 2024 Gilbert Fusch was renowned as a physician in the Liège region in the 16th century thanks to his successful practice. He gave it lasting fame through his publication on the sources of Spa. His brother Remacle was then especially famous as a versatile author, with works on syphilis, botany and pharmacology. He is too little known as a co-founder of the study of the history of medicine, for which he, together with his immediate predecessors Otto Brunfels and Symforien Champier, can be considered a pioneer. Here the life and work of these fascinating figures are discussed, who as brothers, and as physicians and canons, were highly respected in the Liège region. Francis Van Glabbeek is a professor at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Antwerp. He is an orthopedic surgeon and vice chair of the orthopedic and traumatology department of the University Hospital Antwerp. At the Faculty of Medicine he is responsible for the musculoskeletal anatomy and the history of medicine. Maurits Biesbrouck published a Dutch translation of book one of the 1543 Fabrica by Vesalius, as well as a Vesalius bibliography and a summary and discussion of the editions of his works and letters, both of which are updated every year at


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