Getting to Grips with Grammar - A Shortcut to English Grammar | Nadine Van den Eynden Morpeth & Raf Erzeel | 9789044139600

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Auteur: Nadine Van den Eynden Morpeth & Raf Erzeel ISBN: 9789044139600 2024 - 292 pagina's Is it possible to master the basics of English grammar and to learn how to build correct complex sentences without drowning in too much abstract theory? The authors of this book believe it is. Getting to Grips with Grammar offers you the tools to do so. The book provides insight into the building blocks of English grammar and into the various word categories. It explains complex matters such as the tenses and modality in a transparent way and it shows you how to make your syntax more sophisticated. It also contains exercises, answers, and concise explanations. Its target audience is wide and varied, including professionals who need English in a business context, EFL students in secondary and tertiary education, students majoring in subjects other than English who are required to write papers or give presentations in English, and both teachers of English and native speakers simply seeking to revise their grammar. Nadine Van den Eynden Morpeth is an assistant professor of English at KU Leuven. Her academic career spans nearly four decades and also includes working at the Université Catholique de Louvain and for the University of Limerick (external examiner). Grammar, writing, oral proficiency skills, and business communication are her main areas of expertise. Her work with university students and private clients has given her profound insight into their specific needs in terms of grammar. Raf Erzeel is a linguist who has recently retired from KU Leuven. He taught English in higher education for nearly forty years, focusing, among other things, on pronunciation, oral proficiency, discourse analysis, translation, and the practical application of grammar. During his long career, he acquired considerable experience in teaching English as a foreign language, taking pleasure in and learning from the interaction with his students.


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